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Heat Exchangers :

Heat Exchangers :
Shell and Tube type Heat Exchangers, for Chillers, Intercoolers, Water Coolers for large generating sets up to 5000KVA, Furnaces, Motors, Stationary Compressors, Chemical Plants, Cement Factories, Petrochemicals, Type manufacturing units etc.
Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Bundle
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
Air Coolers for Centrifugal Compressor
• Manutrur ovelers & Afrercoolers for Centrifugal Compressor
• Drying Plants Heaters.
• Sugar Factories Heaters.
• Seed Drying Heaters.
• Milk Powder Drying Heater
• Paper Mills Heaters.
Intercooler Bundle Assly
Water Cooled Heat Exchangers
• Air Compressors Coolers
• Gear Box Oil Coolers
• Hydraulic Power Pack Oil Coolers
• Intercoolers
• Aftercoolers
• Chillers
• Condensers
Water Cooled Heat Exchangers
Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
Manufacturers and Designers of Air Cooled Heat Exchanger using various finned tubes with different material of Constructions like Copper, S.S. 304/ 316, C.S., M.S., Brass, Cupro-Nickel, Aluminium etc.
Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
Cooling Coils
• Condenser & Evaporator Cooling Coils for Industrial & Domestic Air-Conditioners.
• Capacity from 1.5 tones to 10  tones.
• Dehumidifiers., Condensers., Air Conditioners Industrial.
Cooling Coils
Cooling Coils
Air Coolers for Air / Gas Cooling
Aftercoolers for Oxygen Plant / Intercoolers for Oxygen Plant Air Coolers for Air / Gas Cooling
Acid Cooler
Acid Cooler
Acid Cooler
Steam Heater with Copper Fins
Steam Heater with Copper Fins
Thermic Fluid Air Heaters , Rectifier Air Coolers
Air Coolers for Railway Brake Compressors
“U” Tube Type Coolers
Thermic Fluid Air Heaters
Thermic Fluid Air Heaters
Oil Coolers
Heavy Duty Radiators for industrial engines used in compressors ( 200 CFM to 900 CFM ), Cranes, Bulldozers, Dumpers, Diesel Generating Sets ( 5 HP to 1000HP ), Loaders, Excavators of reputed organisations like Kirloskar Pneumatics, Indian Railways, Defense Units, Refineries, Automobile, Chemical Plants, Sugar Factories etc..
Oil Coolers
Air Coolers & Air Heaters
• Air Coolers for heavy duty motors, generators, turbo chargers, of different fin designs
( e.g. Crimped fin, wire wound fin ).
• Air heaters ranging up to 375ºC, for textile and petrochemical units.
Air Heater
Multi Stage Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
Air Cooled Intercoolers & After Coolers
• Air Cooled Intercoolers and After coolers : Intercoolers and After coolers Bundles for various Centrifugal Compressors with various designs.
• Capacity max up to 80,000 m3/hr.
Air Cooled Intercoolers & After Coolers
Air Cooled Intercoolers & After Coolers
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Manufacturers & Designers :

Air & Water Cooled
   Heat Exchangers
Oil Coolers
Intercoolers & Aftercoolers
   for Centrifugal Cosmpressors
Wire Wound Fin Tubes
Crimpted Strip Root Solder
Straight Fintubes
Integral Fintubes
Helical Tension Wound Fined
Cooling Coils for Air

We are Manufacturers & Designers of Heat Exchangers and our setup is situated at Hadapsar, Pune ( Maharashtra, India )